Seventh Heaven Massage specializes in Therapeutic Massage and Oncology Massage, meaning anyone that has or had any cancer and needs help with the side effects, stress, scars, edema, fatigue, loss of range of motion and stiffness.  We specialize in Lymphatic Drainage to help with edema after surgery and injury.  Of course we have traditional Relaxation Massage, Deep tissue, Pregnancy, Hot Stone and Reflexology Massages.

Barbara is certified in Oncology Massage from Beaumount Cancer Hospital in Michigan. She is a Certified Lymphatic Specialist from Norton School of Lymphatic Therapy.  She is a Reiki Master and has a Associate Degree in Massage Therapy from Globe University. 

Barbara has 20 years of experience in Intuitive Readings and Chakra balancing. 



Tasha graduated from East West Healing Arts Institute in 2005 as a Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in both Eastern (Acupressure, Chinese Therapeutic Massage and Cupping) and Western (Swedish, Deep Tissue and Trigger Point Release) modalities.  Her bodywork "style" is gentle, yet specific and acutely directed where needed (muscle knots, tissue adhesions, stagnation).  Tasha worked in a clinical, pain management setting, mentoring with Dr.XiPing Zhou for two years following graduation, providing medical massage to patients.  She holds certifications in Aromatherapy and Reiki in addition to 250 certified hours in Nutrition and 350 hours in Herbal Foraging.  

Sessions are both relaxing and therapeutic.  "My intention for each and every client is to help you find that space where you can truly feel at ease and at peace.  Everyone of us holds mental, emotional and physical stress in our body.  My job is to help you identify where you're holding it in, and to then support you in letting it go."